How do you keep your OSHA and HIPAA programs up to date?

Automatic OSHA and HIPAA updates now available

We hope that you’ve got an OSHA and HIPAA program in place in your office - it’s the law. If not, check out one of our compliance packages here. But having a compliance program is only half the battle. Both OSHA and HIPAA regulations require periodic, if not annual, review and update of your compliance programs to ensure they’re kept up to date. This means that your policies, forms and training all need to be regularly reviewed for any changes and updated as necessary. 

Look, we get it. You’re busy running your practice or organization. It’s time-consuming and difficult to make sure that you’re up to date in the sea of regulations and legalese. And it’s not a great feeling when you’re not sure if what you have is what you’re supposed to have. 

Here at Gamma Compliance Solutions, we strive to take that burden off of your shoulders. Since 1999, we’ve offered 4 years of free updates with our packages*. However, those updates were previously only offered on request, i.e. you had to request an update from support before one was provided to you. But again, you’re busy. It’s easy to forget to check in with the many vendors you use to run your company. 

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve enhanced our service support with the introduction of automatic OSHA and HIPAA updates.

Starting 2020, for customers within the 4 year service support period, we will now email you any time there is an update to your OSHA and/or HIPAA compliance package that requires your attention. You will automatically receive access to a download from your account on our website containing the latest version of your purchase along with instructions on how to update your compliance program so you don’t need to start from scratch. 

* Select products only. Not including online training, labels and other equipment.

Our automatic updates are as easy as:

1. Log in to your account on our website under Registered Customers

2. On your Account Dashboard, click on “My Subscriptions”

3. Click on the latest version of the title to download (in this example, it’s v2020.A)


1. Make sure you download all the titles for the latest version number. There will be 2 or more titles as part of your update.

2. The titles may be a “zipped” due to file size. After download, unzip to use.

3. The update instructions can be found in the Welcome Kit.


Is there an extra charge for the automatic annual updates?

A. No. This new service is included in the cost of purchase of our packages. There is no additional fee or recurring charge to you.

How do I know if I will get updates?

A. As long as you have active service support, you’ll receive these updates. Service support is included for 4 years from your date of purchase for applicable products. You'll also receive an email notifying you of the availability of an update. If it's been 4 years since you ordered a compliance solution, we’d recommend purchasing a new product to take advantage of this service.  

How often will I get updates?

A. You’ll receive the new year’s version of your purchased product on January 1st every year during your service support period. Additionally, if there are any critical regulatory changes and when there are product enhancements, we will notify you and make those updates available as applicable.

Which products come with the annual updates?

A. Any of our Manuals, Packages, Training Packages, Deluxe Packages and Training CDs along with the downloadable versions of those products. Applicable products will have “4 years of service support” listed on their respective product pages. Online training, labels and equipment do not come with free updates.

When are the new year’s updates available to me?

A. At the latest by January 1st of that year. For example, the 2021 update will be made available on January 1, 2021. 

What format are the updates provided in?

A. A digital download.