Components of an Effective Accident Prevention Program

Employers nationwide maintain proactive injury and illness prevention programs for the sake of their employees and business. Federal OSHA, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, requires numerous states to utilize these types of safety programs to effectively reduce the risks of injury or illness in the workplace. Aside from Federal OSHA, a myriad of states have their own approved OSHA legislation counterpart. The state of Washington is one such location in the country.

The Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) was the initial fully operational separate safety and health plan aside from Federal OSHA. Under WISHA, employers within Washington state must follow specific, stringent regulations. WISHA mandates employers implement an Accident Prevention Program (APP), a more detailed version of an injury and illness prevention program. Let’s examine closer the main components of an effective accident prevention program.

Essential Elements of a Typical APP Plan

The majority of employers in the state of Washington must create written documentation of an Accident Prevention Program. This set of documents is critical to prevent injuries and illnesses, reduce potential business revenue, and stay in full compliance with legal employment regulations. Your APP must be personalized to the complexities of your business and cover a set criterion of safety topics.

The main components of an effective accident prevention program are the following seven subjects:

  1. job and environmental workplace hazards;
  2. illness and injury reporting and recordkeeping;
  3. the reporting of unsafe situations or working practices;
  4. the listing of first-aid instructions and equipment locations;
  5. standard emergency evacuation procedures;
  6. the identification and handling of hazardous chemicals, and;
  7. the proper use and care of personal protective equipment.

An APP program must outline the basics of a safety workplace committee and a safety policy for management and employee commitment.

Achieving Compliance With the APP Standard

An effective APP outlines expected guidelines for staff members to follow. Employers must ensure these safety rules are effectively taught in employee training. Employers must tailor education responsibility to provide proper instructions for safe job performance.

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