How To Prepare for an OSHA Veterinary Compliance Audit

OSHA compliance within the workplace is not an option. Compliance is a mandatory stipulation that, when ignored, could end in a violation that will cost you. The good news is that you can get your business into top shape by knowing how to prepare for an OSHA veterinary compliance audit.

Educate Your Staff

All staff must undergo periodic OSHA training to maintain education to standard. Employers can facilitate education through online courses. After each OSHA course, workers must complete an assessment that covers all material explained.

Management can also conduct seminars to explain material further that workers may miss or not understand. During this time, management can address safety concerns or improvement opportunities as a call to action.

Look at Labels

Any labels on cleaning solutions used in the facility must undergo inspection to ensure proper usage of hazardous materials. With this in mind, staff must know which products are suitable for a situation and practice safe procedures during handling.

Have Your OSHA Training Documentation Ready

After workers complete their OSHA training assessments, they are to print their certification of completion that states they passed the course. It’s essential to maintain documentation of completed OSHA courses available to provide during an audit.

Conduct Daily Operations As if OSHA Is Watching

OSHA usually conducts its inspections without advance notice, so the best way to prepare for an audit is to work as if OSHA is present and watching. You always want to engage in best safety practices such as proper waste disposal and wearing the correct personal protection equipment (PPE).

Designate a Compliance Officer

An OSHA Compliance Officer is responsible for maintaining your practice’s OSHA compliance program. They are also, oftentimes, the person that is tapped to greet and walk an audit officer through your facility during a visit. Compliance Officers should also note any opportunities for improvement, so you and the team are aware of what to change before the next inspection.

Knowing how to prepare for an OSHA veterinary compliance audit is what stands between a practice’s continued operation and its ultimate demise. For more veterinary OSHA compliance material, please browse our kits at Gamma Compliance Solutions and let us further assist your safety education needs.