How To Stay Updated With WISHA Guidelines A great number of U.S. states have government regulations in place for the health and safety of the American workforce. Washington is one such state that administers its own health and safety plan over the public and private sectors. Washington state lawmakers passed WISHA in 1973, making the legislation the first extensively operational state plan recognized by the federal government.

WISHA adopts numerous federal OSHA standards relating to state and local government. WISHA also maintains unique state plan standards in general industry and specified industry. Let’s examine how to maintain these systematic compliance laws. Here’s how to stay updated with WISHA guidelines to ensure employee safety and business productivity.

OSHA State Plans: Employers Must Follow WISHA

U.S. Congress founded the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 1971 to enforce a set of health and safety regulations throughout the nation. OSHA’s general duty guidelines have the purpose of providing the safest work conditions for employees. Under WISHA guidelines, Washington employers must follow the basic safety and health standards known as the Core Rules. OSHA covers any safety concerns or workplace issues not covered by WISHA.

Washington’s Department of Labor and Industry also sets guidelines that are often more stringent than OSHA’s. Over the years, Washington state has adopted numerous standards with notable differences from its counterpart. Keeping current with DOSH rulemaking updates is of the essence.

Health and Safety Jurisdiction: DOSH

The Division of Occupational Safety and Health exists within Washington’s agency of L&I. This division is in charge of overseeing workplace health and safety. DOSH jurisdiction includes safety consultations, technical assistance, inspections, WISHA rule enforcement, education, and compliance training.

Per WISHA, employers must create and maintain a written Accident Prevention Program (APP) to address any safety hazards employees may face in their workplace. Within the APP, employers must develop a safety committee that creates and enforces rules and develops corrective actions for any applicable violations. Knowledge of up-to-date guidelines from consulting resources provides vital insight when formulating an effective and compliant program.

WISHA Compliance Training

Washington employers answering to DOSH’s regulations must commit to a safety training program. If you’re wondering how to stay updated with WISHA guidelines, this is the best guidance method for your business. WISHA training covers the most prevalent requirements for your industry to meet current standards and prepare for safety inspections.

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