OSHA Compliance Audits: Expectations vs. Reality

Ensuring that you and your staff stick to workplace safety measures during all shifts is a priority in preparation for an audit. Maintaining updated training logs that indicate current safety code knowledge is also a must come time for a visit from a compliance officer. However, several misconceptions can shift your focus while getting ready for an inspection. In this article, you’ll learn the expectations compared to the realities of an OSHA compliance audit.

Staff Can Still Perform Duties During an Audit

During an OSHA audit, your staff must perform job duties as regularly as if the compliance officer isn’t present. Halting the usual flow during a visit can result in a citation as officers need to look out for potential hazards to provide feedback and plan for action.

OSHA Does Not Endorse a Training Course

So long as your OSHA training includes all the required training topics and you ensure your staff members have a sufficient level of understanding of safety guidelines, OSHA permits you to conduct your own in-house training. That’s why we offer both online training designed by authorized OSHA trainers and training resources that let you DIY your own training.

OSHA Audits Can Happen for Several Reasons

A visit from an OSHA compliance officer can result in reasons other than a worker complaint. An audit is necessary after a severe incident in the workplace, a referral, or a requirement for a high-hazard industry. No matter the reason, staying prepared and following safety guidelines is essential at all times.

Personnel Should Have Access to Inspection Information and Complaint Histories

Relevant personnel such as managers and safety members must know all upcoming inspections and audits before a visit. They should remain up to date with complaint histories and incidents in the event of questioning.

Compliance Officers Will Brief You on Inspection Procedures

OSHA can administer planned inspections and can make unannounced visits based on worker complaints. No matter the type of visit, compliance officers will always identify themselves through credentials such as a picture and serial number.

Compliance officers will also explain the reason for the inspection, the extent of the visit, and the techniques they plan to use during their stay.

Every OSHA compliance audit has its expectations and realities. However, staying prepared for both can guarantee you the best results come inspection time. For additional OSHA compliance services, please visit Gamma Compliance Solutions. We have a comprehensive catalog of training material that can benefit your workplace and staff.