Requirements for WISHA Compliance

The Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) is an occupational safety and health program that employers in the state must follow to ensure employees’ well-being in the workplace. This means that all work practices and environments within a business or office must be up to certain standards to achieve compliance.

Supplementary to employers’ requirements, employees are also expected to fully cooperate with these standards and perform work practices safely to prevent illness or injury. To explain further, let’s examine the general requirements for WISHA compliance that may amplify and detail regulations from their federal counterparts.

Investigation, Identification, and Inspection

These three areas are regulated by WISHA and are fundamental for full compliance. An investigation has to do with a workplace accident. WISHA conducts investigations after an accident occurs that causes intermediate to serious harm. Results and findings need to be recorded and documented for recordkeeping.

WISHA also expects the identification and correction of any workplace hazards. Specific health and safety programs should in place if employees have potential exposure to these hazards. Appropriate protective measures should always be taken to prevent harm or injury. Lastly, self-conducted inspections are a requirement under WISHA. These self-inspections instruct practices and organizations to evaluate their own work safety conditions and environments. If they encounter conditions that do not comply with WISHA standards, corrective actions must be taken for quick and effective resolutions.

Comprehensive Safety Orientation

Another requirement for WISHA Compliance is a thorough safety orientation for new employees. Employers must provide a solid foundational education and highlight information that is crucial to maintaining their staff’s health and safety.

Employers should explain their own health and safety plan, how employees can report unsafe conditions or injuries, and their methods of communication. Employers must provide details on where further information can be located, what their emergency procedures are, and how to use protective gear. A company can only cultivate a safe and healthy work environment when everyone works together.

Continental Safety Education and Training

Safety and health programs can only be effective and efficient if employees are properly trained to perform safe practices in their workplace. Management and supervisors must ensure these practices are followed. Various departments within a business may require diverse education for certain occupational exposures or hazards.

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