HIPAA is the country’s core legal safeguard of sensitive healthcare information—and it’s set to change. Let’s look into what the future of HIPAA may look like.

HIPAA—the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act—is integral legislation protecting the personal health information of Americans. Since the introduction of this mandatory privacy act in 1996, healthcare providers and professionals have maintained security measures for the sake of their business and their patients. Throughout the past decades, the privacy landscape has seen change, and HIPAA has also changed to match the times.

Healthcare industry employees can expect more HIPAA compliance regulations to change in the coming years. Organizations can begin to look into their own privacy practices as fresh regulations come into the picture. Here are a few speculations about the future of HIPAA to consider on a business-wide scale.

Data-Driven IoT and Connective Technology

Electronic systems will only become more high tech moving forward. Building off our data-driven culture, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging connective power reshaping how individuals interact with the world. Innovative smart technology is changing lives for the better, but it poses risks for real-time privacy issues. HIPAA regulations will need to reshape the scope of their coverage to provide more desirable patient outcomes and protect against data hackers.

Personalized Medicine and Integrated Care

The healthcare industry is moving toward a value-based system in which personalized care will involve specialty monitoring from sensors, devices, and applications. Soon enough, HIPAA compliance regulations will need to address these smaller subsets of data—and how exactly healthcare professionals handle this type of sensitive information.

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