Have you ever wondered, who is a qualified OSHA trainer and who can administer OSHA training to your employees?

While the OSHA administration government agency provides free resources and may even offer free, no-risk walkthroughs of your business in your area, they do not provide a comprehensive compliance program. OSHA also does not explicitly endorse or recommend any 3rd party consultants or agencies. 

So how do you know if someone is qualified to train your staff members and provide you with compliance material? OSHA credentials consultants through its OSHA Outreach Training Institute. This rigorous program evaluates candidates on their educational and professional experience, number of years in industry, and requires specific coursework be completed before issuing the authorized OSHA trainer credential. Authorized OSHA trainers are able to conduct training programs as well as issue verifiable OSHA certificates.

As authorized OSHA trainers (you can see our credentials here), we consult specifically in the medical, dental, and veterinary and animal care industries and have been doing so since 1999. Our compliance programs cover all the required training and documentation needed for businesses in these industries. By focusing on these specific areas, we’ve been able to deliver targeted compliance solutions and have supported thousands of clients. 

Gamma Compliance Solution provides an alternative to the high-cost and implementation challenges an onsite consultant or agency presents. Our authorized OSHA trainers have distilled decades long learning, experience, and client feedback into easy to use, self-service compliance solutions that allow you to implement a comprehensive compliance program in your office with confidence. With our industry leading 4-years of support including free updates and on-demand consultations with our team, you’ll DIY, but not alone.

About Us:

At Gamma Compliance Solutions, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in regulatory compliance: helping you make sure you have met all the requirements. Over the years, we have developed different compliance packages to suit practices at any stage in the OSHA and HIPAA compliance process. We have designated this area of our blog to post important updates and share key resources and guidelines you need to best protect your employees and yourselves. In addition to checking this area of our blog, follow us on social media to receive notifications when we share important information.