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admin Total posts: 4 Joined: 03/03/16 12:53:30

 Hello Carmela,

Thank you for writing to us.

The choice of disinfectants for your dental office depends on factors such as low allergenicity for both patients and employees, short contact time, compatibility with surfaces in your facility, ease of use, etc.

According to CDC, potency against Mycobacterium tuberculosis has been recognized as a substantial benchmark. However, the tuberculocidal claim is used only as a benchmark to measure germicidal potency. Tuberculosis is not transmitted via environmental surfaces but rather by the airborne route. Accordingly, use of such products on environmental surfaces plays no role in preventing the spread of tuberculosis. However, because mycobacteria have among the highest intrinsic levels of resistance among the vegetative bacteria, viruses, and fungi, any germicide with a tuberculocidal claim on the label is considered capable of inactivating a broad spectrum of pathogens, including such less-resistant organisms as bloodborne pathogens (e.g., HBV, HCV, and HIV). It is this broad-spectrum capability, rather than the product's specific potency against mycobacteria, that is the basis for protocols and regulations dictating use of tuberculocidal chemicals for surface disinfection.

Here is a link to an article that analyzes several brands in the market.

Hope it helps.

Posted: 03/03/16 12:53:30
Carmela Anthony Total posts: 1 Joined: 03/03/16 11:40:56

In line with best practices, what disinfectants should we choose for our dental office?

Posted: 03/03/16 11:40:56
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