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Osha Manuals Total posts: 19 Joined: 05/27/13 21:46:12
Hello, (A) In regards to sterilization and disinfection, OSHA refers to CDC guidelines. i. Here’s the applicable OSHA standard: OSHA 1910.1030(e)(2)(ii)(B) - Contaminated materials that are to be decontaminated at a site away from the work area shall be placed in a durable, leakproof, labeled or color-coded container that is closed before being removed from the work area. ii. Here’s what the CDC has to say on this subject: Minimize handling of loose contaminated instruments during transport to the instrument processing area. Use work practice controls, (e.g. carry instruments in a covered container), to minimize exposure potential. (B) Neither OSHA nor the CDC specifies the use of either cassettes or trays for holding contaminated instruments – technically you may use either. (see CDC Infection Control Recommendations VI.D.3) (C) However, you should keep in mind the following when complying with this standard: i. Ensuring the container is durable, leakproof and enclosed. ii. Ensuring the risk for sharps injury/exposure is minimized. iii. Ensuring the instruments themselves are properly placed and potential for damage/lost instruments is minimized – trays and cassettes with rails do a good job of this. (D) So in summary, you may choose whether to use cassettes or trays for handling contaminated instruments provided you’re complying with the above elements of the OSHA standard and CDC guidelines. Hope this helps! If you require any future support, feel free to reach out.
Posted: 09/16/18 15:57:04
Osha Manuals Total posts: 1 Joined: 09/16/18 12:13:57
Could you clarify if we need cassettes to hold contaminated instruments? The last class I took said, yes, you need cassettes.
Posted: 09/16/18 12:13:57
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