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Osha Manuals Total posts: 19 Joined: 05/27/13 21:46:12

Hello Kindra,

Thank you for writing to us.

You must be aware that OSHA can inspect you anytime. Typically, OSHA responds to a complaint from one of your employees.  Patient complaints may not be taken seriously by OSHA. OSHA may also visit if some other agency tips them off during their visit. You may also be selected for a routine inspection.  OSHA covers all employees including home health nurses. These employees have the additional burden to comply with not only the bloodborne pathogen standard (BBP) regulatory issues, but also the workplace violence and transportation issues since they would be going to patients’ locations.

There are two main requirements for OSHA compliance: training and record-keeping. OSHA mandates annual and new-hire training for your employees. The new hires must receive Hepatitis B vaccinations and receive training prior to the vaccinations (all within ten days of hire). Those employees who do not wish to receive the vaccinations must sign a Hep. B declination form. A copy of the form is provided in our package.

Our comprehensive OSHA packages offer everything you need for OSHA compliance. Our deluxe package has an OSHA manual, documentation kit and an audio-visual training CD with built-in quizzes. The training CD is a self-learning and assessment tool. The quizzes provided in the training CD would help test your employees’ knowledge after the training. The results of the quizzes can be printed out straight from the CD.  You must complete the safety plans provided in the documentation kit and disseminate them to the employees. This would meet the record-keeping aspect of OSHA compliance.  According to OSHA, the plans must be updated every year, at a minimum, or whenever new tasks or procedures are introduced.

I hope I have answered all your questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us.  Thank you!

Posted: 01/14/18 22:27:34
KINDRA WALDO Total posts: 1 Joined: 08/14/16 06:19:56

I am new to a outpatient ambulatory clinic not affiliated to a hopsital.  My experience is in a doctor office only.  I am having a hard time determining how thi clinci will be audited (if ever) by osha.   We run iv infusions and see patient in the clinif for follow up to the reason they are getng the infusion only, as wll as sen home health nurses out in to the field do do pICC line dressing changes, etc...


How does ohsa impact us?

Does the entire staff need osha training?   (we had to do oline HIPPA and FWA pharmacy training as we hae a full pharmacy with conmpounting facility in the pharmacy)

Where woud I find a licensed osha officer handbook to do a training program?  Clinic has less than 20 employees rigjt now.

Where woudl I find he complete osha book and be placed on al ist for yearly followu up to learn new compliance additions?

Thank you,


LVN, Clinic Manager


Posted: 08/14/16 06:19:56
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