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2020 Gamma Giveaway

Free COVID-19 Plan with any OSHA product 

Get the 2020 COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan (BS137) free with your order of any OSHA, Cal/OSHA, or WISHA product.

1. Add your OSHA product to your cart.
2. Add the COVID-19 Plan (BS137) to your cart.
3. Proceed to checkout to automatically receive your discount.

OSHA-HIPAA Bundle Discount

By ordering both an applicable OSHA and HIPAA product, you can receive up to 20% off the total. Discount is applied automatically in checkout. See below for product and discount details:

Eligible DiscountApplicable Products
OSHA, Cal/OSHA, or WISHA product plus equivalent HIPAA product
20% OSHA, Cal/OSHA or WISHA product plus equivalent HIPAA product

Discount Terms:
1. Discount only applies to applicable OSHA, Cal/OSHA, WISHA and HIPAA products
2. Discount is applied automatically in checkout

Multiple Office Discounts (Enterprise Plan)

If you have multiple locations and/or are expanding, we are able to offer volume-based discounts at the time of order as well as flat-rate discounts for any future orders once we set up an account with you (terms and conditions apply). We strive to be your one-stop OSHA & HIPAA compliance solution!

Initial Order
The Enterprise Plan discount is determined based on the volume of the initial order placed. In order to fulfill an initial order, after purchase, we are able to ship the entirety of the order to a single location, to multiple locations or to hold inventory and ship at a later date (respective shipping charges apply).

Future Orders
For orders beyond the initial order amount, we are able to generate and provide you with a custom promotional code that you may use to purchase additional inventory on demand at the same discount amount offered during the initial order.

Note: We may make adjustments to this discount amount based on the number of additional orders in a given period (typically quarterly).

Call us for details on setting up your Enterprise Plan

Are you looking to share our OSHA and/or HIPAA solutions with your clients?

Join our Partnership Program!

We have 2 Partnership Plans. You may:
1. Refer your clients directly to us to purchase a product
2. Pre-purchase our products and be an authorized reseller to your clients

In either Plan, an order may be eligible for a volume-based, Partnership discount. Discount is typically determined after an initial 3-month period and is based on total volume of orders referred by you and/or purchased by you.

Tracking Referrals

Orders placed in either Partnership Plan are associated with your account through the use of a Custom Promo Code.

Note: Only transactions that use the promo code at the time of order will be associated with your Partnership account. Orders cannot retroactively be associated with an Partnership account.

Call us for details on setting up your Partnership Plan

Refer your friends, get $10 store credit!

Give your friends 5% off. When your friends buy from your invite link, you get $10 store credit automatically in your account!

Referral Terms:
1. Account registration and purchase necessary to access referral invitation link.
2. Referral invitation link must be used to place order for referral discount to apply. Referral discount applied automatically in checkout.
3. Store credit available immediately in account on successful referral. You will be notified when you have new store credit.

Up to a 20% discount for OSHA-HIPAA bundles. Discount applied at checkout.

You have been successfully referred!

A 5% referral discount will be applied automatically in checkout.