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  • OSHA’s Radiation Standard

    OSHA’s Radiation Standard - September 23, 2020 -

    The definition of a “Radiation Area” means any area, accessible to personnel, in which there exists radiation at such levels that a major portion of the body could receive in any 1 hour a dose in excess of 5 millirem, or in any 5 consecutive days a dose in excess of 100 mil

  • Emergency Action Plan

    Emergency Action Plan - September 16, 2020 -

    What is an EAP? Should we have an EAP for a medical clinic that has six employees?

    An Emergency Action Plan or EAP is a set of actions

  • Distinguishable Warning Signs

    Distinguishable Warning Signs - September 09, 2020 -

    What are the distinguishable warning signs that are mandatory at the workplace?

    When is it appropriate to put danger, caution, or other warning signs such as biological hazard signs?


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