Leaders in 2017 OSHA Manuals

Welcome to www.oshamanual.com, home of OSHA MANUALS FOR PHYSICIANS, DENTISTS AND VETERINARIANS. We have been providing OSHA Manuals, Documentation Kits and Training CDs for well over a decade. Established in the year 2000 and credited with selling thousands of manuals, we are the oldest OSHA store. Our manuals and kits have been written by knowledgeable, well experienced and authorized OSHA trainers since 1999.


  • Updates and Inspection Analysis from last year
  • Twenty-five OSHA booklets in digital form
  • A Training Outline to guide you through the training process
  • Seventy-five Question OSHA Review Test
  • A Certificate of Completion for Training
  • Hazard Materials Information System Chart (HMIS)
  • Sharps Safety, Handwash and Handrub Posters
  • Federal Safety Posters (provided in English and Spanish)
  • State Posters (if mandated)
  • Biohazard  and Chemical Hazard (GHS) Labels
  • Compilation of OSHA Questions and Answers from Research Archives
  • Free access to OSHA Videos
  • Cal/OSHA , WISHA & MNOSHA Plans are available separately