Cal/OSHA Manuals for Medical, Dental and Veterinary Offices



Our 2020 Cal/OSHA Manuals for Physicians, Dentists and Veterinarians have been prepared to meet the requirements of the stringent regulatory standards in California. Three major regulations in California: Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP or I2P2), Aerosol Transmissible Disease (ATD) and Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMI) do not have equivalent counterparts in federal OSHA. Proposition 65 chemical warning makes the Hazard Communication Standard tougher in California than in the rest of the country. We have prepared manuals that meet the Cal/OSHA standards in all respects. The accompanying documentation kits will assist the employer in completing Cal/OSHA recordkeeping requirements. Compliance Checklist, Cal/OSHA test, posters and labels are some of the free addons to our package. Order Now!



  • Safety Compliance and Training Manual
  • Documentation kit in word format for easy edit
  • Selected Cal/OSHA Booklets
  • A Training Outline to guide you through the training process
  • Eighty-Question Cal/OSHA Review Test
  • Hazard Materials Information System Chart (HMIS)
  • Sharps Safety, Handwash and Handrub Posters
  • Cal/OSHA Posters in English and Spanish
  • Biohazard and Chemical Hazard Labels
  • Access to OSHA Videos
  • Compliance Check list

Cal/OSHA Training for Medical, Dental and Veterinary Offices

All new-hires must be trained within 10 days of hire and annual re-training for all employees is mandatory. Our latest training programs prepare your employees to be Cal/OSHA ready and meets the Cal/OSHA training requirements. Looking to train all employees in your practice? Click here for our Cal/OSHA Training for Medical, Dental or Veterinary Offices. Are you looking for individual training? Click here for our Online Cal/OSHA Training for Medical, Dental or Veterinary Office employees.

Cal/OSHA cites one of the area hospitals for exposing employees to infectious diseases; Collection box for used needles frequently overflowed-American Canyong- Cal/OSHA cited a Vallejo hospital $149,000 for exposing workers to injury and infection from used needles at the hospital's collection box for biomedical waste .

Cal/OSHA cites a California Hospital for Exposing Employees to Serious Injuries, Including Sharps Violations Van Nuys—December 21, 2015—Cal/OSHA has cited one of the hospitals for health and safety violations that exposed the hospital's 1700 employees to hazards, ’s where hospital workers were stuck with needles, and failure to provide closeable...

California work-related injury and illnesses lowest in 13 years Oakland– November 11, 2015 - The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) has posted California’s 2014 occupational injury and illness data with detailed in...

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