2020 OSHA Deluxe Package for Veterinary and Animal Care Services

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2020 OSHA Deluxe Package for Veterinary and Animal Care Services including:

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+ Regulations and Standards Manual (hardcopy)

+ "Do-it-Yourself" Documentation Kit with mandated safety plans

+ OSHA Training CD (audio-visual) including quizzes

+ Welcome Kit

+ Posters and Labels

+ 4 years of support and updates

+ Free shipping

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Our 2020 OSHA Deluxe Package contains four major components:
    • 2020 OSHA Manual for Veterinary and Animal Care Services (for training and reference)
    • 2020 "Do-it-Yourself" Documentation Kit containing mandated safety plans
    • Audio-visual OSHA Training CD for Veterinary Offices with quizzes
    • 4 years of technical and consulting support plus free annual updates

Our OSHA Manual has been designed to provide 100% OSHA compliance to your veterinary facility. While the manual covers relevant portions of OSHA regulations and important safety issues for training, the kit provides mandatory safety plans that are a must-have for inspections. The latest revision to Hazard Communication Standard based on Globally Harmonized System (GHS) has been included.

The Documentation Kit includes all the mandated safety plans and OSHA forms that your facility needs for compliance. Fill out the blank spaces and tailor-make your safety plan to work for you. The documentation kit in word format to customize your facility's safety plans will be provided in a CD. The plans are prepared based on model plans published by OSHA and CDC.

OSHA Power-Point CD with Quiz: Prepared by authorized OSHA trainers, our latest OSHA Training for Veterinary and Animal Care Services contains a presentation in an audio-visual format. With quiz at the end of each chapter, this training CD is a very useful self-learning tool. The built-in quizzes make testing and maintaining training records of employees easier for the employer. The materials are based on OSHA recommended training for similar facilities. CDC and NIOSH materials have been incorporated wherever OSHA refers them for guidance and enforcement. Our training CD covers all significant veterinary OSHA regulations that would help train your employees.


  • General OSHA
  • Recordkeeping Procedures
  • Vet Standard Precautions for Zoonotic Disease Prevention
  • Chemical Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) including Revised HCS under GHS
  • Revised HazCom Standard
  • Workplace Violence
  • Radiation Safety
  • Electrical Safety Standard
  • Fire Safety Standard including Exit Routes and Emergency Action Plan
  • Exposure to Ethylene Oxide
  • Hazardous Drug Exposure

OSHA Review Test: The package includes an OSHA test. It has seventy-five questions taken from the manual for testing your staff on their knowledge of OSHA regulations. A certificate of completion for training template is provided.

Training Outline: Our training outline provides the road map for employers to navigate the manual and other OSHA literature that will be sent to you with every order. The outline will also help you structure your training program.

OSHA For Beginners: Twenty-five OSHA Booklets included with this order (in a CD) will provide basic information for staff not familiar with OSHA regulations. The employees will also gain a better appreciation of OSHA regulations by reviewing these booklets and other OSHA forms.

OSHA Videos: Free access to OSHA videos will be provided to customers purchasing this package.

Free federal posters (both English and Spanish), state job safety posters (by email), biohazard and hazard communication (GHS) labels are also included.

Service Support: Included in this product is 4 years of technical and consulting support as well as annual updates. Service support begins the date of purchase. Updates are available each calendar year and are sent automatically to your email. No additional purchase necessary for a 4 year period! 

Important Information Regarding MSDS/SDS for Customers: Employers must be aware that all MSDS sheets that are also known as Safety Data Sheets (SDS) must be specific to the manufacturer who prepared the chemical and contain the contact information for the "responsible" party. The identity on the label of the chemical must be cross referenced to the MSDS. Merely having MSDS/SDS information from other sources does not meet OSHA standard if it is not from the manufacturer or supplier.

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