Common OSHA Citations in Healthcare

Healthcare employers should continuously pay attention to guidance and updates provided by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. OSHA requires the proper implementation of suitable practices, programs, and procedures to ensure the health and safety of employees within the healthcare space. This past year especially increased the health and safety risks for staff members within the field due to ongoing circumstances of the pandemic.

Depending on the nature of an employee’s role within the industry, workers could fall into higher-risk categories that require employers to enforce stricter control measures and safe work practices. Let’s examine the most common OSHA citations in healthcare a bit closer.

Failure To Properly Report and Record Occupational Injuries

For medical facilities, a commonly cited standard is the lack or incorrect reporting of occupational injuries within the workplace, especially falls or sharps injuries under the bloodborne pathogens standard. OSHA heavily prioritizes accurate recordkeeping and documentation, both detailed with incident specifics and generally summarized within categories.

An array of employers fail to meet these recordkeeping and reporting obligations. Documentation obligations include maintenance of the log, the displaying of OSHA forms, and the retention of follow-up paperwork. Non-compliance with this standard of recording work-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities can result in fines of thousands of dollars.

Failure To Utilize or Correctly Wear PPE

Another one of the most common OSHA citations in health care is a lack of provision or enforcement of PPE wear when exposed to hazards. Insufficient use of eye, face, and skin protection under the bloodborne pathogens or respiratory protection standard is particularly revealed as a problematic violation. Employers must ensure adequate staff training on exposure control and the use of individual protective equipment for those at high risk.

Failure To Adequately Train or Keep Training Records

Now more than ever, healthcare businesses, clinics, and facilities should be proactive to avoid fines and consequences. A lack of proper training or maintenance of training records are common citations in the healthcare field, and these violations are entirely preventable with proper procedures and maintenance. Many OSHA training programs monitor progress and issue certifications to keep on file in employee records.

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