OSHA Dental Compliance News and Insights

What’s necessary for dental practices to remain in compliance with OSHA? What are the most common and most severe occupational hazards that dentists and hygienists face? If my practice is the subject of a random inspection, what can I expect? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Our OSHA dental blog features our insights and guidance regarding occupational safety in the dentistry field. Within the pages of this resource, you’ll find overviews of OSHA dental compliance, details on differences between state and federal regulations, and other pertinent issues. In addition to the information in the OSHA dental blog, we’ll also help you connect with manuals and resources to ensure that your practice meets or exceeds the high standards for OSHA dental compliance.

  1. OSHA Training for Telecommuters

    “Do employees who strictly work from home need to be OSHA trained?” Read this blog post to learn more!

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  2. What To Do When An Employee Has A Puncture From Being Bit By A Patient

    “I know there is a protocol in place when there is a needle stick on an employee, but what if the employee has a puncture from being bit by the patient?”

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  3. Occupational Health Hazards in Dentistry

    Workers in dentistry face exposure to common and industry-specific health hazards in the places of their employment. While performing their role-related tasks and functions, the type and degree of exposure to risks are dependent upon clients and services. Identifying these hazards and suitable control measures for safety are key to ensuring health and safety in the workplace.

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  4. How to Download & Unzip your Gamma Compliance Products

    This article explains how to use files from Gamma Compliance Solutions if you purchased a downloadable product this year. Read the steps here!

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  5. How to Access your Free Product Updates

    This article explains how to access your free updates of Gamma Compliance Solutions products from previous years. Find out more here!

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