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Taking care of our communities’ beloved animals is a noble pursuit, but as we do so, we must always remember to take care of ourselves and our employees, too. Remember that OSHA covers veterinary and animal care to ensure high standards throughout these practices, from animal hospitals for domestic cats and dogs to agricultural specialists to groomers and other animal care providers. In our OSHA veterinary and animal care blog, we’ve selected these articles and resources pertaining to the challenges you face in your field. Learn more about the safety violations other vets have incurred, the most common occupational hazards to avoid, and how to remain in compliance with safety standards on both state and federal levels. You’ll also discover compliance resources that will help your practice operate safely—and that’s what’s best for all the people and animals involved.

  1. 3 Reasons a Veterinary Clinic Might Fail an OSHA Inspection

    Are you a veterinary clinic trying to comply with OSHA? Discover common reasons clinics might fail an OSHA inspection and how you can avoid the same outcome. Read more
  2. How to Safely Use Sharps in Veterinary Medicine

    Alongside healthcare facility staff, employees in veterinary settings must also have proper knowledge of sharps handling and disposal. Personnel who utilize sharps in daily operations must practice needle safety.

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  3. A Guide To Ergonomics in Veterinary Practices

    Ergonomics is a working science that fits a specific workplace, system, or environment to an employee’s needs. In broad terms, ergonomics speaks to how people interact with an artificial environment most efficiently. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) enforces a set of criteria of workplace regulations that present-day employers must comply with for the health and safety of their employees. Federal OSHA does not have specific regulations regarding ergonomics (California OSHA or Cal/OSHA does), but maintains that all ergonomic injuries fall under the General Duty Clause. Ergo, ergonomics is a major concern for all employers and employees under OSHA. Read more
  4. OSHA Training for Telecommuters

    “Do employees who strictly work from home need to be OSHA trained?” Read this blog post to learn more!

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  5. How to Download & Unzip your Gamma Compliance Products

    This article explains how to use files from Gamma Compliance Solutions if you purchased a downloadable product this year. Read the steps here!

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