1. Common Misconceptions About Workplace Safety

    The main concern of workplace safety is to keep staff safe, but there are still many myths about occupational health out there. Let’s debunk those myths here. Read more
  2. OSHA Compliance Checklist for Vets

    Veterinary practices are subject to maintain OSHA’s regulations. Uncover the basic guidelines employers must follow to achieve full compliance.

    Read more
  3. OSHA’s Stance on Carpet in a Dental Operatory

    Housekeeping duties within a dental environment are critical for health and safety. Here’s what to know about OSHA’s stance on flooring and carpeting. Read more
  4. How Cal/OSHA Differs From Federal OSHA

    Since its beginning, Cal/OSHA has enforced more stringent workplace safety standards than its federal counterpart. Uncover the major differences here. Read more
  5. How To Get Your Dental Office HIPAA Compliant

    Dental offices are at risk of violating HIPAA rules. These rules should not be overlooked. Here is a checklist outlining how your office can achieve compliance. Read more

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