1. Most Common HIPAA Violations in the Workplace

    HIPAA is a well-known acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. As an American law, HIPAA sets privacy standards in healthcare. HIPAA specifically protects the medical records and detailed health information of patients. Healthcare providers and insurance providers have access to these records in their workplaces. This critical set of necessary standards maintains this protection by giving consumers (patients) better control over the accessibility and disclosure of their personal health data.

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  2. How to Download & Unzip your Gamma Compliance Products

    This article explains how to use files from Gamma Compliance Solutions if you purchased a downloadable product this year. Read the steps here!

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  3. How to Access your Free Product Updates

    This article explains how to access your free updates of Gamma Compliance Solutions products from previous years. Find out more here!

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  4. The Risks Contributing To HIPAA Violations

    HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) has now been in effect for several decades and has only grown larger in scale and influence. The importance of HIPAA compliance is a vivid reality within a wide array of occupations within the healthcare industry. HIPAA regulations are complex and everchanging, which is why you continually need to be aware of common pitfalls, risks, and contributing factors that lead to HIPAA violations.

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  5. How to Retrieve Your Online Training Certificate as a Learner

    Wondering how to retrieve your online training certificate on our training platform? Follow these steps to learn more about how you can do so!

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