Want to edit your online training username, email address, or password? Follow these instructions.

If you haven't already registered your online training seats, follow the instructions in this help article prior to proceeding with the steps below. 

Editing your username or email address

To edit your training username or email address, contact us at training@oshamanual.com for support. 

Changing your password

You can change your password via the login page at training.oshamanual.com by clicking on the "Password?" button on the top-right of the login page and entering your email address.

For assistance, contact us at training@oshamanual.com. 

Changing passwords if you are a Manager

If you are Group Manager in the training platform, you are able to edit the password of the members in your group. 

1. From your Manager Dashboard, click on "My Groups" and click on your group name.

2. Click on the red pencil icon under the "Edit Password" column for the staff member you'd like to change the password for. 

3. Fill out the new password details and click "Update Password". The staff member's password is now updated and they can log in using the new password. They'll also get an email notification of the change.